Finding work in the Mystery of Redemptive Suffering

Living in union with Jesus on the Cross for this Lenten Season. Please pray for the good work being revealed in the mystery of suffering.

This has been a very difficult season, that began this fall, when H1N1 broke out severely in Cheyenne, before the shots were available. The attack took 6 weeks for the lungs to be completely clear, but the real hit was what the virus did to my gut (Crohn's) and my immune systerm.

By Christmas, even with medical treatment, my Crohn's was not settling down, but seemed to get worse each day. Right after Christmas, my parents and I went for a surgical consultation at St. Luke's in Denver, CO. My excellent colorectal surgeon, a GOD SEND, examined me ever so gently with the greatest of respect and dignity. After less then 15 minutes he had seen enough and heard enough. Ask me to get my parents if they wished and we met the next hour and half in his personal office.

Very intense meeting with many tears, because my colon could not be saved. Scar tissue that had been building up for over 14 years and was in a rapid degeneration process that was going to cause a major life threatening condition in about 2 - 6 months. I had to have a colostomy, or I would not survive.

So on January 21, I went in for a very intense surgery where my anus, rectum, and small part of my large bowel was completely removed and I was given a pernament ostomy in the bottom left side area. (Little dark humor, I am offically a bag lady!) This surgery is very hard, for they have to completely reconstruct the pelvic floor to hold all your internal organs in. Very intense, I remember lying in bed feeling those muscles moving for the first time. Oh my what a little taste of the pain Christ experience hanging on the cross trying to lift those muscles to breath. What a humble experience beyond real words to express.

My recovery though was going really well, after 7 days I was able to go back to Wyoming with my parents, not strong enough to be on my own yet still. Anyways I had gone for my sugery follow up 2 weeks after and my surgeon was going to release me for half days starting 22nd of February. Two days later I had a fever, upper respitory infection and allergic reaction occuring from adhesives around the stoma.

While this was occuring I got to experience first hand the great, great, great poverty here in Wyoming for those who need adequate care and at times the severe lack of it here. I had a number to call during the weekend for a homecare nurse on call to come to the house if something was wrong. No answer any call anywhere. I was scared to go to ER here and knew my regular nurse would be in first thing Monday morning. So we waited for her, when she came she freaked, knew something was very wrong. Started the referral process to get a specialist nurse, only one in area. Her agency sat on the paperwork for 24 hours, not til the next afternoon when my nurse called to see if she came that she went livid and started to fight the system to get her to me.

Weds morning went to my GI specialist, who said WOCN nurse has final call, but he wanted me to go back to Denver as soon as possible. Went back home and my angel came to my rescue. Even my other nurse came to help and while they were working on me, my surgeon called me from Denver. Such a God event who spoke directly to my specialist nurse. By nine am, Feb 11th I was back in the hospital receiving excellent care with so much Christ centered compassion from everyone at St. Lukes. Though by the time I was released from the Hospital on the 19th, I had gone through 3 surgeries in less then a months time.

Final one was Ash Wednesday, got first humira shot and ashes on my forehead just before being sent back into the OR. What a beautiful way to begin my lenten journey. On the cross for him and all those who are abandoned in their suffering.

Years ago when I was sent back to Wyoming from a religious community I was so in love with, after a severe attack, completely a God event, because I belong in Wyoming, not elsewhere, I knew God was working and I received many consolations and graces. I was a needy little soul who needed the cotton candy to get through the deep grief and severe physical pain when going down a path I did not want to take.

This journey is a very different one. What a blessing that my last class I completed a paper on Saints of Darkness, the Redemptive Sufferings of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta and our much beloved JPII. What a blessing that theological exploration gave me in recognizing amongst this journey a beautiful call within this mystery of suffering that is being revealed each day during this intense Lenten Journey. For years I have been praying for the Lord to tell me where he needed me most, what is the work he needs here for this particular people and place of the frontier church.

He has revealed it and it is so beautiful and such a deep need for the poorest of the poor amongst us here in Wyoming. The ones who are isolated and abandoned because of disease and disability. I have the next year or so to live in union with these poor, to pray, to work, to study, and to live among them as one of them.

We are already beginning a work, to start a support network. But it is bigger then that. We do not have Catholic heathcare here in Wyoming, and we needed something that is for the particular challenges of rural life here. For too many are falling through the cracks. Free clinics in area have had to shut down, and shortages are just awlful. Education needed of public, patients, family, care givers, and professionals in the field. The innate dignity of the human person needs to be protected through the whole life from conception to natural death.

Good hearted, faithful servants in heath care here are being overwhelm by a mentality that heath care is a business. Euthanasia is being practiced here quietly without any fanfare under the guise of hospice care. Cases in the local hosptial, hospice center, and nursing facilities where others have suffered the same fate as Terri Shavio and no one spoke up for them. (Hippa does a good job hiding the reality at times.) Like me others have been abandoned when they need help the most. This is going to change, others have already started the work. Now I have been asked to enter into it as well.

I knew after a tremendous healing at the Marian Eucharistic Conferrence in Jackson Hole on October 23, 2004, that by accepting my special mission, my bitterness in this life would increase. I can now say this is a path I can gladly take for it brings our Lord such pleasure to use me so. He can crush my bones if he so chooses.Though just like before, this will pass, because there is a very important work needed here. I know in my heart of hearts, even if i can't feel his heart, that I am very close to him this Lenten Season. I ask for your prayers for me and the others on the frontlines here in Wyoming. Know you are all in mine and if you have any special requests send me a message and I will offer my sufferings for you and your intentions as well.

One in the sufferings of Christ,

a little handmaid


jay said...

Pardon me,I need to share something.I happened to come across an important chaplet for these days and thought it wise to share it with all,aswell those whose blogs I could find on the net. The link is given,and so kindly spare a moment and check it out.

by jay williams.

Admin said...

Janelle, I'd love to get in touch with you as I'm a CV in Sioux Falls. I can be contacted through the site www.DoIHaveAVocation.com.
God bless you.