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My WYD 2008 Video.

The most aweseome part of my world youth day experience is right here. Enjoy!


WYD 2008 was Amazing!!!!

Things have been going crazy but that is the Holy Spirit for you. Sydney was awe inspiring! I met so many beautiful Catholics lay people, consecrated people, and priests. I went go to confession with a holy Archbishop, was blessed by three priests at various times during the pilgrimage when I needed the strength. May the blessings and fruits of this trip I pray ripple through the secular culture of Australia.

During the trip we the pilgrims from the Diocese of Cheyenne, got the shock of our lives. Our bishop, my dear beloved bishop was moved to the Diocese of Green Bay. So what am I to do? Where do I belong? The world youth day pilgrimage became so much more than I ever excepted it to be. The Lord filled me with the holy spirit with so much love and the spiritual connection between my bishop, and I only grew instead of dissipating. Unbeknownst to me, he was suffering from a surgery in his knee and as the pilgrimage progress I came down with three infections. I was a pretty sick puppy at the vigil site. However, I have to admit, it was fine by me, I just offered it up and prayed like crazy, whenever I wasn't rushing to the restroom or sleeping. Well, sleeping isn't really the right word, because there wasn't much sleeping going on, but at least I got to rest my eyes and spent a lovely hour with the first aid guys near area E10. The EMTs were impressive making me drink bottle of water and take a few glucose tablets, then I was off again.

During the vigil it was so awe-inspiring, I looked up and the moon was so large and there was a giant ring of light encircling the moon and the racetrack in the sky. Mother Mary was just beaming down up us with John Paul II again. The miracle of clouds the next morning happened again like WYD 2005 in Marian Field it looked like the clouds were Angel wings and horns announcing his arrival. The biggest awesome most amazing beyond words was when Papa Bene' came in his Pope mobile right by us, his back was turned towards the people on the other side of the track and then he turned right at me- made eye contact, blessed me, and began waving to all of us around me. I am still speechless. Nevertheless, the video I think will say it all. I will be posting it here and on the new website XT3.com. So check it out!

This is a very brief rendition of WYD 2008 in Australia. Anyone going to Madrid 2011. I am ready, not! However, yes, I think if the Lord has his way, I will be there. This time I will be a group leader and not just a regular pilgrim. Anyway I up for it just I got one infection in Cologne, 3 in Australia, it is a little scary about Madrid. Also, it's a challenge to travel with a gluten free diet, but God provided, and I did well. Just slept for 5 days after returning to the states.

Well, that comes to the next news. With divine providence at work, major prayer, and heavy deep discernment, it looks like I may be following my bishop to the Diocese of Green Bay! We will just have to see and anyone who is reading this blog! Please pray for me as I pack up my office and my possessions and prepare to go wherever the Lord sends me. WOW! WOW! WOW! God is awesome, all the time!
God Bless everyone!

Perfect Joy too!