Here is my video I made for the RCIA class I helped teach a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy. So can you guess my favorite saints?


Burr and Aw Chew!

It is cold in Wyoming again as the winter weather roars in like it does in March. I am recovering from a bad bought with the flu. A friend of mine says it is just the beginning. So I thought I would visit my blog and say hi. I recently made a video for my parents for their anniversary so I am going to post it here. Thats about all I have energy to do. I really do need to visit this blog more often. The news and attacks on the Catholic Church have been growing and I need to speak up I think. God Bless everyone and pray you are having a blessed and fruitful Lenten season.


Life is Love

This is my pro-life video that goes with my third place paper called, Life is Love. On January 24, at the Wyoming Right to Life Rally at the LCSD#1 Administration Building on House Ave at 10 a.m. This event is held before our March from the Depot to the Capital Building in Cheyenne that begins at Noon. This March for life is probably one of the shortest in the United States, but we still have to give a lot. I am planning on bringing my mini video camera so that I can put together another video that will share the experience with everyone here and at GodTube and YouTube, Facebook, and XT3.com.

See, God always provides us with real windy and cold weather. We are all bundled up against the frigid temps. So this march is only for the tough of heart who love life with everything they got. You can check out my paper at a later date. I will post it after the event with the new video. God bless everyone and let us be a culture of personal responsibility and stand up for those who do not have the voice to speak for themselves.